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My Background

Born in "Dutchtown" in Rochester New York, I grew up in an inner city area with  average blue collar workers.  My Dad was a Rochester Police Office and I was very proud of him.  A career for a "girl" in that time was not of great concern nor interest.  I could always draw but really never did much with it.  I won two blue ribbons in grammar school for posters I submitted for a contest.  I painted every paint/ pencil by number I could get my hands on.  Was fairly crafty for a young girl but I didn't take any art classes or did much drawing in my teen years.  I used to decorate everybody's book covers and doodle but that's about it.  

My Medium

My favorite medium is acrylic paint.  I enjoy pencil and also some pastels. I  love realism and detail.   In most every bit of art I have produced over the years it has been with those mediums.

My Inspiration

I would say my inspiration is two fold: one my children who I feel are my greatest accomplishment and my pride and joy.

Second is being a woman who has had many different  experiences in life was to prove to myself I could achieve my dream.  

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